Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Panhandle

Who are the children?

The children in the JUMP program come from all socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. Their personal backgrounds, interests, aptitudes, and needs vary greatly. Some are having trouble at home or at school; others are simply in need of guidance and friendship.

Both the child and parent/guardian are interviewed by a staff about the child's relationships with parents, peers, siblings, and teachers, and about the child's interests and needs. This information is made available to the volunteer during the pre-match consultation so the volunteer may have an opportunity to accept
the match or not, based on the information provided.

How does a child qualify for the program?

Must reside in Berkeley, Jefferson, or Morgan County

Age six to seventeen at time of application

From a family situation which lacks the involved and supportive participation of two parents, or the child has an expressed need that parents or relatives cannot meet

Has desire to be in the program

Capable of establishing a one-to-one relationship with a volunteer, have the ability to relate to a volunteer

Has a parent/guardian capable of permitting and facilitating the development of the one-to-one relationship with a volunteer

Complete the application process

What are activities my child might do with his/her mentor?

When establishing a friendship, it is important that you spend time together "getting to know each other." Therefore, the agency recommends these types of "relationship building" activities:

Chores as a team/Projects:  Grocery shop, Jigsaw puzzle, Bake or cook a meal, Build bird house, bookcase, or go-kart, Lawn or garden care, Teach or learn a new skill together (first aid, art, language, sport, music), Wash the car, or get help with school work

Outings: Visit your Mentor's place of employment, Library Park Sports related (bike, swim, hike, ball, walk, tennis), Museum, Zoo, Shops of interest (antiques, crafts, hardware), Police or fire departments, Cultural events (concert, play, dance).

Interested in enrolling as a child?

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program, please complete the information form found here.  We look forward to having you. a mentor or as a child
School/Agency Referral Form